Cómo se usa el color vegetal y los tratamientos de plantas en polvo?

PlantBased Hair and Scalp Powder Treatment
Vegan and organic plant powder - wild jujubier, moringa, rosemary, nettle and spirulina- with soothing properties to calm and comfort the scalp, moisture balance, nourishment and relief from scalp issues as could help growth promotion and strengthen the hair.

How to use: Place the powder into a bowl: 1 part of powder, 4 parts of hot water (30grs aprox for medium hair). Mix until obtaining a homogeneous paste. Apply in scalp and hair*. Wait 30 minutes. Massage softly to scrub and rinse.
Prepare only the quantity to be used. Close carefully and keep in a dry place.
*Do not use on bleached or dyed hair, in that case use it only in the scalp.

Ingredients: Ziziphus spina-christi leaf powder*, Moringa oleifera leaf powder*, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf powder* , Arthospira platensis extract* , Urtica dioica leaf powder* . *Ingredientes ecológicos certificados.
Organic and Vegan Certified. 100% Organic ingredients.