Brittle nails

Fragile nails can occur occasionally due to physical and environmental factors, exposure to detergents, continued use of gloves or aggressive elements, inadequate manicure products, fungal infections, the natural process of the passage of time, or more persistently due to imbalances in the skin, nutritional deficiencies or other internal imbalances. In the latter cases you should see your doctor for a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Here are some recommendations:

­čî┐ Try to expose yourself as little as possible or with protection to irritants if you know them.

­čî┐ Use certified organic cosmetics for your hands and nails, more beneficial, respectful with the microbiota and without the toxics of some conventional nail polishes and nail polishes.

­čî┐­čî┐ You can let your nails rest for a while without painting or applying nail polish by using a polishing file while you apply intensive nourishment with Wild Shea Butter or the Nail Butter. We recommend that you use it at least three times a day and especially at night before going to sleep with a thorough massage.

­čî┐­čî┐ Melt a small amount in the palm of your hand and massage it into your nails and hands.Massage into nails and hands until absorbed. Repeat as often as necessary.
­čî┐­čî┐ You can complement the hand massage in the video below by drawing circles for a few seconds on each nail:

­čî┐ Try to eat, drink, breathe healthy and keep your mental attitude as positive as possible.

­čî┐ If it is not an occasional situation visit a health professional to help you diagnose the origin, our skin and nails are effective indicators of internal imbalances that we must pay attention to.

Phytotherapy in our Nail Butter Why it works:

The barrier effect of wild Shea Butter and wild oils (balancing, nourishing, protective rich in Omegas, Vitamins A, D, E, F, flavonoids, phenols, sterols, and essential oils (with recognized purifying, oxygenating, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties) constitute a daily protocol that nourishes, strengthens and improves the appearance of the nail and skin in the area. Let's take a closer look:

­čî┐ Pure Wild Shea Butter: Nourishing, protective, regenerating, Active Ingredients: Contains fatty acids among which oleic, stearic and linoleic predominate. Unsaponifiables (triterpenes, tocopherols -Vit. E-, phenols, esterols), allantoin, karitene, traces of carotenoids -Vit. A-, minerals.

­čî┐ Black Cumin Oil: Purifying, balancing, soothing, regenerating, Active Ingredients: Essential Fatty Acids Omegas (>50% Vitamin F), thymoquinone and derivatives, Vitamin E, Carotenoids, Minerals.

­čî┐ Neem OilNeem oil is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for its soothing, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, as a natural insecticide and fungicide, which makes it an ideal ingredient for nail care, as well as its effectiveness on fungus and lice in humans, insects in pets and biological anti-pests in vegetables.

­čî┐ Lavender Essential Oil: Anti-inflammatory, regenerative, anti-infectious, anti-moctic. Active Ingredients: Esters (55%), monoterpenols, monoterpenes and oxides.

­čî┐ Palmarosa Essential Oil: Tonic.

Antiseptic. Bactericide, fungicide, virucide, healing and regenerating. Active Ingredients: Monoterpenols (>80%), Esters (7-15%), sesquiterpenols.

­čî┐ The Essential Oils of Niaouli and Tea Tree : Both from the Melaleuca family: Anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory. They contain oxides, monoterpenes and monoterpenols.

Explanatory note: Shea Butter and Nail Butter are cosmetic products, not medicines. The recommendations offered here are cosmetic advice for healthy people if you are sick you should see your doctor or health professional and follow their instructions. Maison Karit├ę SL is not responsible for the misuse of this advice.