Wild Prickly Pear Oil 10ml

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The gold of the Sahel desert


The prickly pear is a well-known cactus that is commonly used in West Africa to enclose fields, to prevent animals from entering and to prevent them from getting hurt or lost. Its fruit is tasty but surrounded by annoying spikes. This fruit is intended for human or animal consumption as well as cosmetic uses.
It is a very scarce and prized oil that comes from the pips and requires 1 ton of fruit to get only 1 liter of oil.

Called the "African Botox" it is possibly the most regenerating oil for the skin due to its high content of Omega 6 EFAs and Anti-oxidants that give it extraordinary anti-free radical and anti-aging properties.

Especially recommended for mature skin for its effectiveness in the eye contour, the nasolabial fold and expression marks to minimize and smooth wrinkles and promote cell regeneration.

How to use: It can be used alone on the whole face or on the most delicate areas as well as an enhancer combined with other oils, creams or elixirs.

Put one or two drops on the fingertips, place with light touches on the desired areas, distribute and massage gently. We recommend enhancing its effects with the EoEo AutoMassage.

100% Ecological and Wild.


  • Amber Bottle 10ml
  • Larger quantities on request for professionals


Product Name: Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil
INCI Name (EUA): Opuntia Ficus Indica Seed Oil
Wild Harvest Certificate
Shelf life 24 months
Obtained from the first mechanical cold pressing


At Maison Karité we are committed to sustainability and the"Five Rs".

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Disclaimer: Prickly Pear Seed Oil is a cosmetic, not a medicine. The advice given here is of a cosmetic nature. For skin diseases you should consult your doctor or health professional and follow their instructions.

Maison Karité SL is not responsible for the improper use of this product.