African Wax Cloth Bags

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Useful, cheerful, symbols of luck and good omens.

These beautiful bags of bright colors can be used as a toilet bag, store small items or take it on a trip with your essentials. Designed to place the Maison Karité products you want to give as a gift. They fit without problems combinations of all the cosmetic products facial, body and hair of 250ml.

Handmade with love and care by a group of women in Foundiougne, Saloum Delta (Senegal) project that helps empower women and give them independence and economic self-sufficiency.

Dimensions: 28cm high x 22cm wide.

Gathered clasp with pearl and shell finish on the loops. The pearls "perles blanches" are traditionally used as a protector of children in necklaces and an omen of beauty and elegance, the shells or "cauries" were currency of exchange in ancient times and symbolize protection and good fortune.

We chose the fabrics together at the Kaolak market and may never find the same ones again. If you like them, don't think twice!