Pure Wild Shea Butter (with 16% discount in September)

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Our Virgin Artisan Wild Shea Butter is handmade by women's cooperatives. 100% pure, unrefined, with no additives and with Ecological and Collaborative Trade Certification with the Murugu Cooperative, a small group of women collectors who work and preserve a wonderful area classified as an elephant nature reserve in Northern Ghana.

Our Shea Butter is nourishing, protective, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, sebum regulating, maintains the hydrolipidic film, prevents transepidermal water loss, prevents photo-aging and premature aging, enhances collagen production, protects from the elements and provides a natural low sun filter, a must for the skin!

What is it used for? Its benefits are numerous for the care of irritated, sensitive or atopic skin all over the body:

  • Emollient and moisturizer for skin and scalp
  • It restores the skin's flexibility and elasticity. Anti-Stretchmarks.
  • Anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory action
  • Protects, nourishes and softens hair
  • Weather protection, blue light, gentle natural sunscreen
  • Natural accompaniment in skin conditions: dermatitis, dermatosis, atopic skin
  • Skin protection and care for people with allergies, chemical sensitivity and cancer treatment
  • Protection and skin care for vegans, halal, kosher
  • Counteracts transepidermal water loss (TEWL)
  • Balances the fat level

    Who can use it?

    Shea Butter is useful for the whole family at all stages of the life cycle, in different situations, at different times of the year, in cold, heat, day and night ... to protect and care for the skin of the face, body, lips, hair and nails:

    • Babies and children because of their skin sensitivity.
    • Teenagers to rebalance their fat levels and prevent stretch marks from rapid growth
    • Adults with sensitive, dry or cracked skin.
    • People with intolerance to perfumes or chemicals
    • Pregnant women to give elasticity to the skin and prevent stretch marks and spots.
    • New moms to improve skin condition and prevent painful nipple cracking
    • Sportsmen for their protection from the weather and scratches.
    • Over 45 to improve elasticity and avoid wrinkles.
    • People on weight loss diets.
    • Women in menopause.
    • Over 65 for dry skin.
    • People undergoing treatment with radiotherapy or chemotherapy to improve their skin condition and protection and a very long etcetera.

    Recommendation: If you are allergic to latex, given the similarity of karitene, pre-test before use.

    Why does it work? The magic of its bioactives:

    • Vitamins A, E (tocopherol), F,
    • Fatty acids: Protective barriers against transepidermal water loss, soften, improve inflammatory processes,
      • (oleic, stearic, linoleic, palmitic, arachid)
    • Unsaponifiables: triterpenes, tocopherols -Vit. E-, phenols, sterols
      • Triterpenic alcohols: alpha and beta amirin, lupeol, butyruspermol (anti-inflammatory activity, absorbs UV radiation, prevents photo-aging, enhances the generation of collagen and elastin)
      • Karitene: Hydrocarbon barrier effect similar to latex
      • Allantoin: Healing, healthy tissue growth stimulant
      • Alpha, beta, gamma tocopherols
      • Phenolic compounds: 8 catechins
      • Sterols: stigmasterol, sitosterol, campesterol stigmasterol

    Brief History:

    It is recognized that the Pharaoh Nefertiti, the queen of ancient Egypt thousands of years ago, attributes her great beauty to the use of Shea Butter and its use extends to our days in the best cosmetic formulas.

    It is made from the fruits of a sacred tree called Shea. This tree grows wild in the savannahs of West Africa and is collected only by women following an ancestral ritual. This type of local handicraft production, managed by women's cooperatives, is the engine of the economy and the livelihood of miles of families in West Africa.

    Additional information:


    We offer a wide range of range from 30ml to 5 litres, all of them in metal containers in our Zero Plastic target.

    • Domestic formats 10, 100, 200 and 400 ml
      somos empresas circular
    • Professional format 900ml, 5 litres with handle
    • Other options: Bulk PLA refills 150ml, at physical outlets only


    • Ecological by bio.inspecta according to the BioVidasana Standard
    • Direct Collaborative Trade with Murugu Cooperative


    Product name: Shea Butter
    Botanical name: Vitellaria paradoxa
    INCI (US) Name: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)
    CAS #: 91080-23-8
    EINECS / ELINCS #: 293 515-7
    Origin: Ghana
    Certifications: Organic
    Certificate of Wild Collection
    Collaborative trade with the cooperative of Murugu
    Traceability of the Grouping and Names of Women Producers
    Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (Virgin Craft Pure Shea Butter)
    Shelf life 24 months


    At Maison Karité, we are committed to sustainability and "Five Rs'.".

    We invite you to encourage your creativity Reusing packaging and giving them a second life or Recycle them in the following manner:

    All the containers are metallic so they can be recycled infinitely. They must be deposited in the container yellow (packaging). To facilitate the recycling process, we recommend removing the labels from the cans, even though both have to be placed in the same type of container

    Disclaimer: Pure Wild Shea Butter is a cosmetic, not a medicine. The advice given here is cosmetic in nature. For skin diseases you should see your doctor or health care professional and follow their instructions.

    Maison Karité SL is not responsible for the misuse of this product.