Sometimes it is difficult for us to explain the endless beneficial uses that our Shea Butter has on the skin of the face, body, hair and nails. These properties are only applicable to Pure Shea Butter -without any type of refining, like ours- and Artisan Production -not through industrial processes that use hexane and high temperatures to obtain maximum production.

Here are some of them but every day we learn from our customers and the list gets even longer. If you have any doubts, call us or send us your message through the contact form.

We can tell you that in the last BioCultura Madrid we were visited by a client whose profession was photographer for travel magazines and had taken our Manteca for a whole year in his minimalist backpack. He told us that he never went out without it, that it had accompanied him to very hot places and he had used it for after sun and burns, that he had been in high mountains and used it for the cracks on his lips, hands and feet after his boots, that he shared it with the people he met to his surprise. In short, in the most different conditions and it had lasted him ONE YEAR...!!!!! Of course he took two jars and some to give away and we look forward to hearing in November what wonderful places he has taken them to....

Now yes, the list of uses:

Ideal for Dry, sensitive, reactive and atopic skin. Face, body, hair and nails. Its softening and regenerative properties allow a lot of uses as a protector of UVA rays, anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle, stretch marks. These are some of its uses:

  1. Shaving: Soothing and Post Shave Protector.
  2. Sports Allergies: Swimming Pool Dermatitis, Dermatitis during Exercise.
  3. Wrinkles and Expression Marks: Prevents and Softens.
  4. Hair: Regenerating and anti-frizz masks.
  5. Scars. Accelerates regeneration.
  6. Eye Contour. Moisturizes and reduces.
  7. Beard Care. Nourishes. Invigorates. Conditions. Softens.
  8. Baby Care: Atopic Skin, Diaper rash.
  9. Depilation: Post Depilation Soothing.
  10. Stretch Marks. Prevention in pregnancy or slimming diets.
  11. Cracks: Cold Sores, Lips, Hands, Nipple, Feet
  12. Hypersensitivity to perfumes
  13. Sunstroke, Erythema and Post-Solar Edema
  14. Intolerance to chemical products
  15. Lips: Dryness, Cracks, Herpes, Cold Sores
  16. Dry, punished or cracked hands
  17. Young, Oily and Combination Skin. Non-comedogenic.
  18. Mature skin. Moisturizes, protects and maintains elasticity.
  19. Dark skin. Adequate hydration and protection.
  20. Dry Feet, Cracked Heels, Sports Allergies.
  21. PostSolar: Prevents peeling and prolongs tanning.
  22. PostSolar: Sunstroke, Burns, Irritations, Erythema, Edemas, Solar Urticaria.
  23. Prevention of Skin Ageing
  24. Mild dermatological problems: Irritations, Dermatosis, Insect Bites, Allergies, Eczema, Chilblains, Scales, Rashes, Pruritus. Accompaniment in Psoriasis
  25. Natural Sun Protection Low Protection and balance of the hydrolipidic layer Burns
  26. Tendinitis and Muscular Problems
  27. Brittle Nails

It is important to remember that it is a handmade product coming from a wild tree that keeps all the energy of the five elements and that of the loving hands of the women's cooperatives that have been producing it according to the same traditional method for 3000 years. It is environmentally friendly and promotes the rural economy of its producers and their environment.

Important: Shea Butter is a natural remedy and not a medicine. For any severe problem you should seek medical advice.

It can present sensitivity in people allergic to latex. Use with caution.

Content written and property of Maison Karité SL. Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged.