About Us

Our motto is "Put on your skin what you can eat".

Maison Karité is a Spanish company specialized in the elaboration and commercialization of Ecological Cosmetic products from Wild Trees. 100% pure, Certified, Organic, Vegan, and edible ingredients in their countries of origin. Our stars are the Wild Shea Butter or the Black Soap elaborated in a totally artisan way by women's cooperatives and the Wild Moringa coming directly from Ghana, the Oils of Wild Baobab, Touloucouna, Datilero del Desierto, Neem, Hibiscus or Pepita de Hibiscus, Hibiscus or Prickly Pear Seed from Senegal combined with Wild Essential Oils, such as Lavender, Chamomile, Incense, Aromatic Oils from different parts of the world that provide the richness of bioactives that give them the fertile and unexploited soils, the energy of the five elements, the loving and artisan hands of the women who elaborate them.

We follow ancestral and authentic recipes focused on caring, healing and protecting the skin, hair and nails of the whole family. Our products are especially recommended for sensitive skin, reactive to chemicals, atopic or SQM. They are healthy, safe, effective and provide immediate and evident results from the first application.

Our products are certified by bio.inspecta according to the BioVidasana Standard.

We are a company with high values of corporate responsibility, ethics and sustainability, with an important social action, collaborating in the development of rural communities of women who produce the raw materials at source, respectful of the environment and above all with the health and welfare of our customers. We share the values and are affiliated to the Human Economy Network, looking for economic benefits but also social and environmental ones.

Our difference lies in controlling the entire process from production at source to market, complying with all European regulations to ensure a product of virgin quality and craftsmanship with all its attributes and purity intact.

Our headquarters are in Barcelona from where we produce and supply to anywhere in the world. In Spain our products can be purchased in Organic Supermarkets, Herbalists and Pharmacies specialized in Natural products.


Our contact details are;

Maison Karite Limited Company
NIF B-65831547
Ramón y Cajal 83
08024 Barcelona Tel 93 209 18 31

You can contact us on Tl. 93 209 18 31 from Monday to Friday from 9 to 19:00h or through the Contact Form.