The Artisan Wild Virgin Shea Butter

Shea Butter comes from the fruits of the Shea Tree (Vitellaria Paradoxa) which grows only wild in the savannahs of Central and West Africa. They are majestic trees, sources of wealth, respected and revered because around them an economy is generated that guarantees the subsistence of those who work. Everything is usable from the roots, to the wood and its fruits.
But its most precious fruit is Shea Butter, the traditional wisdom reserves its production only to women through a ritual that ensures sustainability and the availability of the nuts in the future: only ripe fruits are collected from the ground as a clear sign that nature shows that it is the right time to harvest and respect the tree to avoid damaging it. They are washed, crushed, roasted and beaten by hand to separate the butter from the rest of the components. It is filtered and obtains the precious balsam of the beauty of characteristic aroma and ivory color.

The Beautiful Ancient African Queens already used Shea Butter. Remains have been found of jars made of Shea wood containing Shea Butter transported by Caravans from West Africa to Egypt at the time of Cleopatra. It is also known that the Pharaoh Nefertiti used it to take care of her skin and to give herself massages, as did the Queen of Sheba. There are even legends in which the warriors were impregnated with Shea Butter to avoid the effect of spears and other objects that could harm them.
Currently known actresses, models and singers like Andrea Thomas and Rihana have become fans and assiduous consumers of Shea Butter for their skin and hair.
"Pure Shea Butter is more than a natural cosmetic - says Camen Navarro, Director of Maison Karité-. The client who receives a facial or body treatment with pure Shea Butter perceives its effects, its natural aroma, the sensation of well-being and also receives part of the energy that brings the African savannah and the wild tree, the loving hands of the women in rural environments that prepare it and the economy and sustainability that it generates around it"
Pure Unrefined Shea Butter remains solid until approximately 25-28 degrees. It has a characteristic smell between olive oil and peanut oil and a white-ivory color. If it has no smell and its colour is white it means that it has been subjected to a refining process that makes it lose the exceptional properties of some of its ingredients such as karitene, natural latex very beneficial to protect the skin.

To apply it we must melt a little bit in the palm of the hand and spread it on the desired area, it can be used on dry or wet skin after showering. Its properties and advantages of cosmetic use are numerous among which we can highlight:
For the family in general:
- To moisturize, protect, soften, give flexibility and elasticity to the skin of the whole family.
- To treat redness, sensitive skin and mild dermatological problems: acne, irritations, dermatosis, psoriasis, insect bites or skin allergies for its emollient and healing power.
- In exposure to cold or wind: prevents and repairs cracks in lips and hands
- In case of minor burns: Emollient, healing, anti-inflammatory
- Improves the condition of elbows and cracked or dry heels.
- In the batho. A teaspoon provides a moisturizing and comforting bath.
To improve makeup: Acts as an excellent makeup base, helps in its application, improves the final result of the colors and shades, especially eye shadows
For difficult or brittle hair: Anti-frizz treatment, repairer and conditioner of hair and nails. Of enormous help to regenerate the hair in cases of dryness and brittle hair, after the effects of exposure to the sun, wind, beach, pool, dyes or any aggressive treatment with hair.
Premoms, Moms and Babies:
- In pregnant women and slimming diets, prevents the formation of stretch marks.
- Recommended for diaper change in babies, irritated skin, dermatosis and sudaminas.
- Recommended for the delicate skin of the baby and the mother in any sensitive area and areas irritated by the discomfort of breastfeeding as in the case of nipple cracks. Decongestive and anti-inflammatory.

For the more dynamic and sporty:
- Protects from wind and cold during exercise and outdoors.
- Natural sunscreen for the sun. Preserves and enhances the tan.
- Before sport improves the condition of muscles and joints. Warms and prevents injuries. Effective in cases of sprains, strains, discomfort and all kinds of muscle fatigue.

- For the elders of the house: Maximum protection and hydration of the skin of the elderly who need special care for wearing diapers or be many hours in bed thanks to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties in burns, irritations, ulcers, sores, infected feet.(1)

- Adolescents: Shea Butter is non-comedogenic and helps in skin care for teenagers. It fights oily skin, acne, pimples, boils, blisters, itching, dermatosis and strong odors. It is recommended to be applied to freshly washed face with a suitable soap.
Strong sweat and body odor: Massaging or bathing with Shea Butter helps those with strong body odor.

(1) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Shea Butter is a natural remedy. It is NOT a medicine. All indications given apply to mild discomfort, in case of persistent discomfort should consult your doctor or an accredited professional. It does not replace any medical treatment.