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Radiant Skin SerumOil

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It is a synergy of Wild Oils, among which predominates the Wild Moringa, with revitalizing, purifying, detoxifying, nourishing, moisturizing, balancing, illuminating and preventing premature aging properties.

Benefits for your skin:

🌿 Revitalizes, brings brightness and jovial tone to the skin due to its high content of Antioxidants - Moringa Oil contains more than 36 identified antioxidants - in addition to those provided by saffron, vanilla or the rest of vegetable and essential oils.

🌿 Purifying and Detox: Minimizes the negative effects of pollution on the skin due to the purifying and anti-microbial activity of a cationic protein with biocoagulant and flocculant effects capable of turning cloudy water into crystal clear water.

🌿 Improves irritations due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-radical components such as oleic acid, flavonoids and phenolic acids.

🌿 Prevents premature aging: it fights the consequences of free radicals in cellular aging and protects healthy cells from stress and pollution of everyday life, highlighting the zeatin or cytokine.

🌿 Improves the appearance of the skin, moisturizing, elasticity. The composition of its fatty acids (Oleic 65.7%, Palmitic 9.3%, Stearic 7.4%, Béhenic 8.6%) can help minimize blemishes, skin dryness and counteract transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

🌿 Helps with allergic reactions: Some bioactives such as Kaempferol in Moringa improve metabolism and cell function or Niaouli Essential Oil.

🌿 Skin tonic due to the effects of Essential Oils.

🌿 Radioprotective against blue light or electromagnetic pollution, thanks to the antioxidants and the Essential Oil of Niaouli, widely used as a natural protective complement in radiotherapy.

🌿 Balance and aromaticharmony due to the combination of relaxing Myrtle, the subtle and aromatic Vanilla (which relaxes while stimulating sensations and is said to facilitate romance) and Niaouli which leads to concentration on the present moment.

Recommended for you if:

  • If you notice your Skin irritated, dull or lacking radiance.
  • If you use preventive elements on your face that rub or block as masks or goggles.
  • If you spend many hours in front of blue light, in front of a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone.
  • You move around on a motorbike, bicycle, scooter ...
  • You work in an office building without natural ventilation.
  • You live in a city with a high pollution rate
  • If you are exposed to toxins, irritants, allergens, sudden changes in temperature ....
  • If you work at night, long hours or under stress.
  • If you smoke (we recommend that you try to quit, it is very harmful to the body and the skin in particular).
  • If your skin is sensitive to seasonal changes, temperature...
  • If you want to do a detox therapy
  • If you want to prevent premature aging

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Main ingredients:

🍀 Moringa Oil provides revitalizing, anti-aging, purifying, balancing, soothing, balancing, anti-inflammatory properties due to its large amount of bioactives: phenols, tannins and flavonoids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E (tocopherols: α- δ- γ), Omega 3-6-9 and other bioactive compounds including alkaloids, glucosinolates, isothiocyanates (detox effect) and thiocarbamates.

🍀 Baobab Oil gives a dry and velvety feel. Nourishing, rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Provides softness and elasticity. Maintains the hydrolipidic film. Active ingredients: Omegas essential fatty acids (approx 30% linoleic, 30% oleic), carotenes - Vit. A-, calcium, mucilages, uronic acid, rhamnose, glutamic acid, tannins, phytosterols, Vitamin E.

🍀 Datilero del Desierto Oil: Dry touch. Soothing, regenerating and calming. Rich in antioxidants. Prevents premature aging. Active ingredients: Good balance of fatty acids (Omegas, mono and unsaturated), phytosterols, Vitamin E, small amounts of EPA, DPA and DHA.

In the subtle field, these three oils of wild trees are transmitters of the energy of the elements by their origin of the African savannah and their handmade and loving elaboration by first cold pressing without any industrial process.

🍀 Vanilla and Saffron: Very rich in antioxidants and of great aromatic power. They are considered the two most expensive spices.

🍀 Myrtle Essential Oil: Anti-Aging. Tones the skin poorly irrigated and without light, dermatosis. Antiseptic. Contains oxides (45%), esters (20%), monoterpenes and terpenols.

🍀 Niaouli Essential Oil : Anti-infective, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, skin tonic, radioprotective, antipruritic, regulator of allergic phenomena. It contains oxides, monoterpenes and monoterpenols.

The problem: Stress on the skin, pollution and other harmful situations.

The stress generated on the skin by the use of protective materials such as masks or protective goggles, blue light from screens, sick buildings, pollution in big cities, everyday personal and professional elements such as household appliances, lighting, air conditioners... devitalize, suffocate, clog, suffocate and damage the skin, accelerate aging and reactive conditions, alter the hydro-lipid mantle and subtract luminosity giving it a tired and dull appearance.

Our Radiant Skin range has been specially formulated to oxygenate, illuminate, revitalise and enhance the skin's natural beauty. It is a breath of fresh air for dull, asphyxiated, devitalised, dull, dull, clogged or punished skin that requires an anti-free radical, detox, anti-pollution, regenerating and premature ageing preventive treatment. The range was named after the reaction of customers to the first tests for its immediate illuminating effect. "I look radiant" -they told us

How to use:

We recommend combining it with a day cream although if you wish you can use it in the morning or add a few drops to your favourite day cream at any time.

In the evening: Wash your face with the Facial Mousse and apply two drops of Radiant Skin Elixir on your hands. Warm it between your fingers, inhale its aroma and spread it on your face and décolleté with an ascending circular massage. Finish with the EoEo Self-Massage morning or evening, whichever is more comfortable or pleasant for you.

List of Ingredients:

Moringa oleifera seed oil (AV Moringa), Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil* (AV Baobab), Balanites Aegyptiaca Kernel Oil* (AV Datilero Desierto), Vanilla Planifolia Fruit* (Madagascar Vanilla Beans), Crocus Sativus Stigma Extract* (Saffron), Myrtus Communis Leaf Oil* (Wild Myrtle EO), Melaleuca Viridiflora Leaf Oil* (Wild Niaouli EO), Limonene,** Linalool **
** Natural Ingredients of Essential Oils.
Certified by bio.inspecta according to bio.vidasana standard
Amber glass bottle 30 ml with dropper
>50% Ecological, >99% Wild

Recycling Instructions:

At Maison Karité we are committed to sustainability and the "xtagstartzspan style="font-family: 'Segoe UI',sans-serif;">Five Rs"

Customer Reviews

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laura j.

Muy recomendable. Uso el Serum oil piel radiante desde hace unas semans. Super práctico, bastan unas gotas así que me va a durar lo suyo... No me pongo nada más, soy de ponerme poca cosa. Me veo la piel sana y fuerte. Recomiendo probarlo, sin duda!


Deja la piel flexible y huele muy bien

Sheila d.
Súper maravilloso, enamorada de el

Me encantan todos los productos de esta marca
Son naturales, efectivos, mágicos, maravillosos y huelen muy rico

Enrique S.G.
Una muy grata sorpresa

Compré el serum de rebote por formar parte de un pack en oferta... y me ha encantado. MUY RECOMENDABLE. Elena R

Me encanta!

Me gusta mucho este serum. Me deja la piel suave e hidratada y además cunde un montón